Oh time…where dost thou fly to?

Hmm, seems I’ve not been around for a while.  Oops!  In truth, not had all that much to say.  (Not that that was an impediment over the previous posts).

Anyhoo, schlepped my way into Edinburgh last Saturday for the second league game of the season.  Our oppo travelled across from the inbred hick land that is Fife.  It pished down with rain for most of the afternoon, but, in a blithe experiment of hope over the obvious everyone insisted on hanging around and trying to play.  Eventually at 2:30 we wandered out to try and bowl at the opposition.  15 balls later we ran back into the warm and welcoming bosom of our new changing facilities.  Match abandoned.  On the bright side we’re still at 100%.

The good old Scottish spring is doing it’s best to cancel this weeks game already.  It’s a monsoon out there, we don’t play until Sunday so fingers crossed.


Our wonderful MP’s have been making all kinds of unsavoury headlines this week, claiming expenses for things like porn, hanging baskets, booze and the cleaning of moats.  The stench of snouts in the trough hangs heavy over the country.  Still, I suppose when you’ve gone through school being the least popular person there and gone into a job that makes you even less popular than Gary Glitter opening a school fayre, you need every little perk you can get.

I don’t blame them, as much as the idiots who signed off on these things.  What were they doing?  My work pony up for travel and hotel when I need to go away, plus a £20 per night average per diem.  I have to provide receipts, and if I don’t or it doesn’t add up or there’s even the sniff of an issue, they’re all over me like a tuppeny whore until I give them a good reason.  We should be making these “honourable members” stand up to scrutiny in a similar way.  They’re members alright.  A bunch of dicks!


OK, time to walk the mutts, it’s going to be wet….


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