Playing Favourites

It’s Friday, time for more Twitter Favourites:

amy_wrightGonna have such a fun time at recorder club this afternoon! 😀

coxy99I have my period and thrush at the same cruel!!

Jason_ManfordAltho try not to swear! She’s Hannah Montana! “if you need cheering up Miley, try a holiday in Blackpool, it’s like Vegas apart from…”

Karen230683Why r both my brothers blonde so unfair their hair is going nice and light in the sun 😦

KirstieMAllsoppJust been told I can’t say “for god’s sake!” or “Christ almighty” on TV (& it’s channel 4!!) I am so sick of compliance I cld scream Aah!

marginatasnaily@Jimmy_Poodle the house – your wit – the ghost- your un-masculine view of automobiles – the accent – what are you trying to DO to me here? x

NettofabulousThe full version of Rapper’s Delight is pointless as anything other than an exercise in auditory stamina.

There ya go, the best of the best of this week’s twits.  Go see them, you’ll love them all as much as I do.


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