It’s been a long time coming…

Yes, I have been derelict in my duties and have failed to blog for a few days….what can I say?  Nothing….sometimes the motivation just isn’t there.

So, what’s been occurring since last time?  Same old same old i guess.  We crushed Smellies by many runs two weeks ago, Hoffy scoring a 3s record 181 not out.  Were rained off against the Imans and then on Saturday spanked Marchmont by 140runs.  We’re second in the table, and promotion is there for the taking.

I’ve been confused with my 60 year old father in law by a half blind DJ….the only thing we have in common is glasses.  Hell, he even has more hair than me!!

It’s been Wimbledon fortnight, the two weeks of the year when everyone becomes a Tennis expert.  I’m not a fan of that Federer bloke.  He’s just too pristine, too I don’t know, but there’s something not right.  I mean, the man doesn’t even appear to sweat.  There’s Roddick, cap dripping, shirt soaked through, and Roger, all like he’s just stepped out of the salon.  I fear he’d throw a major wobbly if he got even a speck of dirt on his whiter than whites…he’s just not natural.

Somewhere on the right (over there ——>) there’s a link to my ME7 playlist….have a listen.  It’s another “Spotify” style site, but the ad’s are a little more in-yer-face.  Still, enjoy the tuneage.

Right, that’s it for now.  I something to get off my chest later, but I’ll be saving that for it’s own entry.  Hasta manana…


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