I’m Learning to Fly…

..but I ain’t got wings.

Lunchtime, and I’m reading through the news on the BBC.  I stumble across this article http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8160923.stm.  Amongst the usual bluster and scoffing, this paragraph caught my eye:

“Ryanair also confirmed it had been in talks with European safety regulators about proposals to allow passengers to stand on its flights.”

So, the airline that wants to charge its customers for going to the toilet now plans to introduce standing!!  I’m intrigued as to how this will work.  I once traveled 50 odd miles standing in the aisle of a bus as there was a shortage of seats.  It wasn’t pleasant.  I’ve stood on the Tube, I’ve stood on packed city center busses.  Everytime the driver, each one a frustrated Lewis Hamilton, stands on the brakes, or accelerator you are pitched forward/back with a fair amount of violence.  Strikes me that standing in the aisles of a plane during takeoff and landing is a great way to get dead!

It can’t be that people will be required to sit for these parts of the flight then can stand the rest of the way as this is basically allowable now.  They wouldn’t be able to cram more people on and charge a premium for a seat if that was the case either, and let’s face it, Michael O’Leary exists to make money, so this has to be about profit in some way shape or form.  Are they planning on installing some sort of padded ‘pen’ for people to stand in?  How else would they be able to get the trolley down the aisle to sell the cattle those £5 sandwiches?

If this comes in, how long will it be before wingwalking becomes a legitimate technique of travel?  Or planes become like the Indian train below!

Ryanairs dream

Ryanair's dream


Is anything more depressing than a Saturday when the cricket is cancelled?  There I was, just getting my kit bag packed when the text came through to say we were rained off.  Yes, I could do other rewarding things with the family, but as it’s hosing down cats and dogs outside that becomes an expensive proposition.  Besides which Mrs C has other ideas and the “Emergency Honey Do” list is brought out.  Domestic tidying and a pile of ironing, woo-hoo!  My favourite.  Thank the gods for TMS.  Somehow ironing becomes a joyous task when Blowers is allowed to regale you with tales of pigeons and seagulls and cranes and just occasionally the cricket.


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