Born Yesterday???

So, they’ve been advertising this on TV lately.  It’s low calorie water.  Yes, that’s right.  Low. Calorie.  Water.  That would be water, you know, that liquid stuff, comes from a tap, contains NO flavouring, NO fat, NO calories….

Nothing like a bit of cynical marketing, it’s straight out of the “women will buy anything if we tell them it’s low fat” book of selling.  What’s next?  Every home needing extra taps for full fat, skimmed and semi skimmed water?


So England have made the World Cup.  Already the stories have circulated of how the players will only see the WAGS once a week, on the day after a game.  Isn’t that a little draconian?  Not to say very risky.  I mean, given how those footballers love a “roast”, and the rampancy of AIDS in South Africa, there’s a fair chance they’ll all come down with something nasty…please let it be John Terry first.


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  1. blissbait

    May All Beings Know Peace.

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