Tonight, I’m coming out the closet…

Yes, it’s time to confess.  To give up my sordid little secret.  To admit the truth, get it out in the open, to finally step out of the closet.

Yes.  I’m an NFL fan.  There, I’ve said it.  I’ve been an NFL fan since I came home from holiday in the mid 80’s to discover Channel 4 ha started broadcasting in the Borders.   NFL highlights were the first thing I saw on there.  New York Jets v Miami Dolphins the first game.  I’ve been a Jets fan ever since.  Something about the game just hooked me.  Now, if I can’t see it on Sky Sports, I’ll use mildly dodgy means on the internet to follow it.

As a Jets fan, the norm for a season is to have the odd high, interspersed with many lows, but for the first time in a long time, we actually look like a team.  Two wins from two, despite a new coach and rookie quarterback, but more than that, it’s been the attitude and swagger of the team.  Soemthing that’s been missing for a number of years, possibly since Namath.

“Sexy” Rexy Ryan and his Band of Lunatics have shut down a couple of good offences so far.  But, it’s no time to get carried away.  These are after all the Jets, so next Sunday, live on Sky, I fully expect them to suffer defeat!


On to other types of football, and one question.  Gary Neville, Fool or Tool?  Is there a more hated man in all of football than he.  He’s a cock of the first order.  After ManUre scored their late, late winner yesterday, he first ran on the pitch to celebrate (he was an unused sub), before running down to where the Man City fans were, to taunt them.  Suddenly he realised it possibly wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had (though being the only idea he’s ever had it probably was), and burst into a “I’m all innocent and warming up in case I get on” routine that fooled no one!  Cock!



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