Isn’t It a Wonder…

Hmm, brief hiatus there.

Well, what’s been going on? Stephen Gately went on a massive bender…and didn’t wake up…..the perils of ‘glory holing’ in Majorcan nightclubs??

Nice to see his former bandmates dropping everything to fly out there. For what? Hmm, would that be to get their faces in the press? Let’s face it, three of them are about to witness the remains of their careers go up in smoke. Just as soon as the cremation can be arranged, anyway. I reckon even the most rabid of moist pantied scream-agers would recognise the three backing singers on the street. Now that the reunion tours are scuppered, what’ve they got left? Louis has the X-Factor, and Ronan’s got whatever it is he does, other than cultivate bland. But Paddy, Mick and Dave??? They are the real victims in all this. Maybe DEC could have an appeal.
Give us your fuckin money….as Sir Bob never actually said, but maybe he would if he could get a face to face with our MP’s. Not content with being caught snuffling at the trough, the buggers now have the cheek to complain about having to pay some of it back. Oh, how they laughed as we complained about the retrospective tax rises they brought in a time ago. Now the boot is on the other foot, they squirm like stuck little piggies.


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