This Place, becoming Like a Ghost Town

That was a strange week. Monday, and an email arrives from the company head to announce there will be a Company Announcement the following day, at 5pm. We’re all to schlep from whatever client site we’re on, into the local office to be briefed.

Cue much speculation as to the content of the announcement, not to mention feverish detective work as we try to figure out exactly who received the email. It had been sent ‘Blind’.

By lunchtime on Tuesday we’d pretty much worked out it wasn’t a Company Announcement but rather only seemed to affect the membership of our department who are based in Scotland. This led to another outbreak of wild theories and rampant misinformation.

We arrive at the meeting venue on Tuesday evening. Not a seat available in the place. Not because we were late and they’d all been taken, but rather that they were using an empty room. Eventually, the designated spokesmouth arrives, and from his body language, you could tell it was going to be bad news.

The company had decided it needed to cut costs, but not to worry; the Christmas Party would still be going ahead. No sense in losing the deposit!!

Fifteen percent of the department workforce was to be made redundant, three of the twenty-one people in my grade. A scoring system was fleshed out that would look at sick leave, number of days a person had been on a client site in the past year, number of days budgeted for the next six months etc. We were all to go home, return to work the following day and wait until Friday, when a further email would be sent to the chosen ones.

What a bizarre feeling, expected to work when all you can think about is whether or not you’re going to be on the list. It must be how the baby seals feel as the little dots on the horizon slowly get bigger, before turning into large men with big clubs.

I was fortunate. I didn’t get an email. At least seven people I’ve worked with in the past and have come to know quite well were not so lucky. They now get to go to meetings, and discuss their non-future.

I say I was fortunate, but maybe it’s just survivors guilt, but there is a sense of disappointment. Of opportunity lost almost. I guess, given my commitments I can’t afford to just jack the job in and start over, so I’m not brave enough to take the plunge. Had I been forced to though….?


I spent yesterday evening at the AGM for the East League. What a bizarre thing that was. It’s not normal for me to be one of the youngest people in the room….geez, some of those guys were dinosaurs, some were even older.

The one big change that was proposed for the league was an amendment to the method with which bonus points are calculated for losing teams. The basis of the argument being to reward teams who get closer to a win, rather than having set markers meaning teams can be soundly thrashed and still pick up a good handful of points.

Two things mitigated against this coming to pass. Well, three. The majority of club reps there are as mentioned dinosaurs, resistant to change. This was seen as too complex for them to get their heads round, so what chance did anybody else have? The second thing was the “if it’s not broke” brigade. They don’t see a problem with the current system, so don’t want to change it. Vested interests come into play here. These guys tended to represent teams who whilst they have a strong batting lineup, don’t carry any bowlers. So they tend to lose high scoring affairs, gathering plenty of points along the way.

The other reason it got shit canned, came down to the attitude of the bloke proposing the change. He was an arrogant, weaselly little sod who wanted things his way. He was very dismissive of any contra comment and did little to endear himself to the voters. I felt his plan had merit, and it should be something that deserves serious consideration. What he needs though, is a personality transplant.


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  1. Wow enjoyed reading this article. I added your feed to my blogreader.

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