I Took a Plane, I Took a Train…..

The big hitters on the world stage are in ‘vunderful, vunderful Copenhagen’, talking about climate change and controlling carbon emissions. Here, in ‘dear old Blighty’, the government are arguing for a 200% increase in air travel at the same time as other pressure groups are advising us all to let the train take the strain, and cut out short haul flights all together.

When it comes to climate change and green house gases etc. I’m still something of a fence sitter. A victim of the internet age and information overload. Whilst the evidence is compelling, there are equally good arguments for nature and cycles, and the fact that the planet has warmed and frozen and warmed with no assistance from man whatsoever. I mean, not to many 4×4’s around when huge swathes of the Ice Age thawed.

What tends to be forgotten is the amount of investment that would be needed to make the trains a viable option for many in this country. Yes, it’s possible to do London to Paris or even further a field using high speed rail lines, but try doing that from Edinburgh, or worse Aberdeen. It takes the better part of the day just to get to London.

If the government were really serious about cutting emissions, they’d make it near impossible for people to object to the placement of wind farms, instead, everyone says, yes, we want green power, but not in my back yard, ruining my view of the hillside. We should just encase these in plastic shells making them look like Windy Miller’s place of work. Far more scenic. That said, 300 hundred years ago when the flour milling industry was taking off, I bet the locals complained about unsightly windmills too.

For that matter, every new build home in the country should have solar panels fitted to the roof. Possibly even a wind turbine too. Make it easier for owners of existing homes to get these fitted and voila! Reliance on traditionally generated power drops. Oops, of course, silly me. The power company profits would drop too.

If action is to be taken to “save the planet”, profits need to be given the elbow. Where exactly would all the money be spent anyway? The cockroach motel?


Ooh, it makes me right irate. I read this at lunchtime, http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/dec/09/parents-sue-buggy-maker-maclaren

Since when did it become acceptable to sue a third party for your own stupidity? Something folds up, therefore it has hinges and parts that close on each other. Common sense would dictate that when folding a buggy, keep the kids away from it. It’s not like these things were faulty. I’d have thought the fact that the buggy must have stuck and needed a good force to make it close on the wee one’s fingers would have been enough of a clue.

The only thing needing recalled is the sperm of the father of the parent’s who are suing the company. Would they sue Russell Hobbs because the kettle got hot?


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