Happy New Year, same as the old one

I look out the window and it’s still a scene from ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ out there. Not only that, it’s the same snow that was there when I finished work for the holidays. Can’t remember the last time that sort of thing happened. Don’t think it ever has in my working career.
Mrs C is a bit of a CSI and Criminal Minds fan so from time to time I find myself watching Living TV. Last night, it was incredibly disturbing. The channel has a sponsorship deal running with the new movie, ‘It’s Complicated’. So far, so meh. However, the fact that these strips run in every ad break got particularly annoying, especially the one that mentioned bikini waxing. Now, I’m no prude, but please, no one should have to hear about Meryl Streep’s unkempt bush, fictional or otherwise several times a night.


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