Ice Ice Baby….

Once again, Darwinian theory has been put into action in West Lothian. Sadly, according to this report the region’s Dumb and Dumber failed to remove themselves from the gene pool.

Dumb: “Haw maaaannn, this is takin’ ages but” (“Old bean, this journey is dragging out”)
Dumber: “No ma fault! Aw these cars is gaun deed slow cozza aw raw snaw. I cannae git gaun” (“I’m blameless my friend. Traffic is being held to low speeds due to the inclement weather. The ice and snow making are making traction difficult”)
Dumb: “Haw look, erz ra canal. Pure icy maun. Nae boats oan it. Get right tae the ‘burgh.” (“But soft, what light from yonder waterway breaks? It is the canal, and it’s icy surface glints in the moonlight. There’ll be no barges on it now. We can travel direct to Winchburgh”)
Dumber: “Genius, but.” (“Splendid idea, old bean”).
Dumb: “Gie it laldy” (“Home, James, and don’t spare the horses!”)

Maybe a 106 would’ve gotten away with it, but a 406!

Times must be hard for Prince. He seems to have undergone a sex change and is now advertising “Club” style work out DVD’s to make ends meet.


So, after all the hoo-hah about resting players and clubs sneaking in, the NFL playoffs began last weekend. Three of the four games were direct rematches of games played the previous weekend, with the venue changing in only one of these cases. Dallas handled Philadelphia as convincingly as they had one week earlier, similarly, despite going on the road, the Jets had a fairly comfortable time of it against Cincinnati. Game of the round, saw the only reversal of result from Week 17, as Arizona stomped all over Green Bay early, before being pegged back, only to win the highest scoring playoff game ever, in overtime, when a defensive player finally decided to turn up.

Result of the round though, was the Patriots being crushed by Baltimore. The Ravens dominated early, scoring 24 unanswered points in the first quarter, thanks to turnovers by their defense. Saint Thomas of Brady powerless to do anything. This works out well for the Jets too. The result meaning in the Divisional round, the Jets have to go San Diego rather than Indianapolis. I prefer the match up with San Diego at this point and feel it’s a game that we could win. With any luck, the Ravens beat the Colts and that would leave the Jets hosting the AFC Championship game!!

In an interesting twist, teams that “rested” players in Week 17 struggled in their playoff matches. Cincinnati were beaten, Arizona just made it through and New England were humbled. Maybe there’s something to be said for continuing to play hard and having the magical momentum on your side.


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