Manning the Barricades

The Jets “Cinderella” season came to a crashing halt on Sunday night and it may have been my fault. I had my haircut on Sunday morning. It hadn’t been done since before the Jets went on their win streak and got into the AFC Championship game. Thing was, I was starting to feel a bit untidy and I the missus couldn’t face the thought of me waiting another couple of weeks until post Superbowl. So, off it went, then we lost!

In all fairness no one was stopping Peyton Manning. He was unstoppable, showed exactly why he was MVP. We had chances, and the injury to Shonn Greene didn’t help, but Manning was on another level.

What it does show though, is that there might just be hope for the Jets in the future. The core of the side is young. Mark Sanchez developed in the playoffs and will be all the better for it. Shonn Greene too. The offensive line is a solid unit that should be together for a while yet, Alan Faneca may be the exception. A bit more receiver depth, to go with Cotchery, Edwards and Keller would see the offense alright, as the ground game should be good with Greene, Washington returning from injury and possibly Jones sticking around.

Defensively, despite the stats, there are some areas to consider. Pass rush needs to be upgraded, and we have to find someone to go opposite Revis Christ.

The offseason promises to be interesting…particularly if I can get a Wembley ticket on Monday!


When did it become the done thing to wander about town in your pyjamas?


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