Sport, Huh. What is it good for?

I did have my usual misery guts ranting type of entry ready to go on Friday, then Nodar Kumaritashvili happened. Here’s a young guy, doing something he loved, about to have the biggest day of his life. Something he’s prepared for, dreamed of and thought about for years. He wasn’t necessarily going to win a medal, or even threaten to, but, just to be there on the start line.

We all know what happened next.

Further bad news on Saturday as Scotland wing Thom Evans is carried off the Millenium Stadium pitch, taken to hospital and operated on after suffering a neck injury. Thankfully the news is reasonable this morning with reports that he is moving his arms and legs. One of my classmates suffered a neck injury playing under 18 rugby when we were at school. He’s been in a wheelchair ever since.

Why do we take these risks? Because we can? Speaking personally, I love the camaraderie of the of the team atmosphere, being able to take part in something I can do.

On the field, the Scotland Wales match was the most surreal finish to a game I can remember. With Scotland comfortable for the majority of the game only to concede 10 points in the final 30 seconds.

I was at the Stadio delle Almondvale for the Livingston v Annan Athletic clash. Fantastic match it was to. Annan had two chances in the first half, scoring with both, only being in the game thanks to a number of good saves from their keeper.

Not sure what Gary Bollan said to his team at half time, and it certainly wouldn’t be printable, but with a change to 3-5-2 they came out a different side and proceeded to batter the Annan side into submission. Young Andy Halliday was particularly fired up, and goals from De Vita, Winters and Halliday saw the result turned around. Sadly the side dropped back into 4-4-2 and invited Annan to get a bit more play in the late stages. Assisited by the referee who played a huge amount of injury time, most of it to make up for time Annan had wasted whilst in the lead! But Livi held out for a thrilling win.


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