This is the about page, it should contain information about me, and about what the blog is about, but, well, I dunno…..

OK, here goes.  Me….I’m a soon to be 38, married, father of two.  I’m Scottish, and only occasionally do I have cause to be embarrassed by that fact.  I work in IT, it pays the bills (barely).  For leisure I play cricket, watch all kinds of other sport, have a love in for Newcastle United, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Jets and generally veg out on the sofa watching TV, reading books and being misinformed.

Favourite TV shows include, The Wire, BSG, Dexter, Generation Kill, Mad Men, NCIS, the CSI’s (even the self parodying Miami one) and the various Law and Orders.  The rest of it, may well be encompassed in any (if any) upcoming blog updates…


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