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…and one ring to Endemol..

I came across this earlier.  Not really sure what I make it of really.  On the one hand making entertainment out of a group of people struggling to keep their job and secure a future for themselves seems to be the last twitch of dying ethics….on the other, is it really that far removed from ‘The Apprentice’? 

It also seems like a neat line into a further reality show from Endemol.  The one where they follow the lives of the sacked Joes and Josephines letting the viewers vote on which of them goes postal first.


It’s day four of what feels like my own stay in the Big Brother house, and my ‘housemates’ are just as talkative as ever….still, I’ve been given a couple of tasks to work on…woo-hoo!  Neither of them are particularly interesting, or difficult, or indeed relevant to my job as such, but if creating a user guide to our office locations, complete with where to find food, shops, hookers etc and sorting out a company newsletter are what’s required to pay the bills, then I guess I’ll get on with it….of course, I’ve been warned about my sense of humour, and keeping it in check.  (Not exactly going to be difficult on the evidence of these blog posts so far!). 

There is something mildly cathartic in this, just writing stuff down for the sake of writing it down, knowing that no one is going to actually read it doesn’t matter, it’s mildly annoying that I haven’t found a “theme” yet but I’m sure that’ll come if I manage to continue this project of narcissism.  Highly doubtful over the next week as I’m on holiday, gonna be spending Easter weekend with the in-laws, what joys await……I fear there may be some ranty material to be had from the upcoming few days…..

I’m off to Quahog…….


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