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When did I get so unfit?  Ok, so it’s a rhetorical question.  I’ve always been fairly idle, I managed to prolong the onset of a spreading backside by doing the odd bit of exercise now and again…but increasingly, I find it’s just too cold/wet/there’s something on I have to see to go out and partake of exercise.  Except for cricket, I still love my cricket and I still “play” to the best of my meager ability, but the preseason gets harder as the winter pies wreak their havoc on my once svelte physique.

Four months of living on expenses in London hotels hasn’t helped either (thank you, Work), so when I belatedly made it along to my first training session of the pre season last night, I knew it wouldn’t be pleasant.  Many of the guys have been involved in indoor sessions once a week for the past couple of months, and so were showing some signs of life.  Me, I was the breathless, red faced, sweaty lump sucking in air after just a few minutes of light fielding drills…..and today, I hurt!!  The bruises on the hands are to be expected, that ball can come at you quite fast off the catching ramp, but the muscles that haven’t been used since last August, when our glorious promotion season ended are now complaining loudly. 

I’ve always tried to model my bowling style on Richard Hadlee (smooth approach to the wicket, consistant line and length, don’t give ’em any width) but increasingly I feel I resemble Angus Fraser, portly, lumbering run up, buckets of sweat on a creased brow, red faced for hours after just a couple of balls of effort….it’s not a pretty picture. 

Anyways, time to get ready to leave the office, gotta take the little fella to Maccy D’s tonight….(I’ll be having something chickenny!)  or maybe Nandos….tomorrow will be a whole new day of doing nothing, or at least next to nothing….I have the “Welcome Pack” to sort out for our offices….the things they find you to do when there’s no work about. 😀


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Hello world!

OK, so, I had (have) a nice wordy post all ready to go in here, but, it’s on my memory stick and well, the pc nazi’s here at work have set the access rights such that I can’t access anything I plug into the USB on this machine.  So , this will have to do until I can get the thing uploaded at another location.

On the bright side, it’s the first outdoor training session of the year tonight.  I haven’t done any indoor work at all due to having been in London for the past four months.  That wasn’t really any good for the spreading midriff either.  Winter takes enough toll on my racing snake physique without being reduced to eating four nights a week.  Why must they make Bodeans taste so good???  Those combo’s and a drink for £10 nights are simply amazing value if you like your meat.

Righto, I’m off to Quahog….

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