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The loneliness of the middle aged stripper

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I ended up reading this52?!?!?!?!  Unless Ohio is populated entirely by Wayne Rooney, what the heck kind of titty bars are they running over there.   I mean, no disrespect, and I’ve seen some fine looking women in their 50’s, but only bad things happen when they disrobe.  The suspect was at least a spring chicken in her 40’s…..I guess this place catered to a niche market, I know all strippers can’t be like Salma Hayek in “Dogma”, (actually no strippers are that good) but surely there should be some standards……oh well, it’s not like I’ll be visiting any of those establishments in the Buckeye State anytime soon.


So Saturday so the mighty RHC 3’s shake of the winter rust with our first (only) preseason game, a visit to Murrayfield.  Wasn’t a bad effort, we were typically poor in he field, miserly with the ball and ham fisted with the bat.   But we won, thanks in part to yours truly holding his end up (ooer) for 40 minutes.  Took 2 for 24 off 7 overs as we held them to 85 all out.  Chased it down for 9 wickets, with me making a valiant 3 no out.   A minor triumph.  League season starts in two weeks…..


OK, so, when is it going to be safe to turn on the TV/Radio or open a newspaper again?  Is there nothing else in the world going on but Susan Boyle?  She seems nice enough, and she lives not far from me, but, just because she looks like someones eccentric aunt, it’s not exactly shocking that she can sing is it?  She’s not going to change the world, end wolrd poverty, hunger and recession is she?  Maybe she is, maybe she’ll get together with Obama and sing the world back to health….please, let the woman be….and give me some f’ing sanity.


I’m off, got dishes to do….and with a bit of luck I may get to sleep without dreaming of Ken Stott in a toga……


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