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I Don’t Want Your Freedom….

So, ‘Smart’ Alec Salmond has finally published details of his proposed independence referendum for Scotland. Whilst I have no real axe to grind, gut feel says the numbers don’t add up and increased devolved powers would be the safer option, I’m happy enough to do my research and use my vote.

What really stirs the pot however is the reaction of the three main political parties. They’re going to block it before the public get a chance to vote. Now, I accept these are elected representatives, but the point of a referendum is to allow the public voice to be heard. These third rate politicos are effectively choking that off.

Face it, any one with an ounce of ability and political ambition stands for Westminster, the ‘B’ team end up in Brussels and the devolved assemblies get the leftovers. A jumped up local council in effect. Give us our vote. If the case against is good enough, they have nothing to worry about.


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Summer, summer, summertime….

According to reports, the number of road accidents in Scotland has jumped over the past three days.  It’s also been the hottest and sunniest three days of the year.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Scottish male is conditioned in such a way that, as soon as the sun comes out, his shirt comes off.  I reckon this is what causes accidents.  Not through female drivers being driven mad with lustful looks, no.  The glare of bright sunshine reflecting off the milk bottle white skin of your average ned torso is enough to cause temporary blindness in drivers, thus the accidents.


After missing last weekends win over Dalgety Bay, despite only having 8 players!!  I rejoined the lads for a game in Fauldhouse on Saturday.  Fauldhouse is a village in central Scotland used to be linked with the pits, and is in one of the most ‘orange’ areas of the country.  Suffice to see, they weren’t the most pleasant team we’ve ever met, containing a couple of very mouthy individuals who don’t so much over step the mark between banter and abuse, as take up permanent residence in Tosspot Lane.  Just made the 5 wicket victory all the sweeter!  We’ve played 4 won 4 and a second successive promotion looks like a realistic target for us now.


Just been watching the Twenty20 Cup match on Sky between Leicestershire and Lancashire.  The child in me was most amused to see the Leicester mascot on the sidelines.  As Leicestershire are known as The Foxes, he’s a Fox (well a bloke in a Fox suit, must be sweaty as all hell on a day like this)  His replica team shirt bears the name Charlie.  Yep, he’s Charlie Fox.  Charlie Fox, the PG phonetic alphabet version of the epithet “Cluster Fuck”.  A military term used to describe a situation that has gotten completely out of control and is messed up beyond repair.   Come to think of it, pretty much the Leicestershire County Cricket side of recent years!!!  You have to love the PR agency that came up with that one.

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