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Out damned spot (bettor) out I say

…apologies to Mr Shakespeare for that one.

So, there I was on Saturday evening enjoying a comprehensive win for the RH Corstorphine first team, hearing of how the thirds had only just scraped the points required to avoid relegation and wishing our OA and his lovely girlfriend a safe journey home to Durban.  Not to mention catching up on what had been an quite incredible day at Lords in the fourth Test, when the rumblings started to emerge on Twitter.

That august organ, the News of The World, had evidence, names and details of a spot betting scam on operation during that very fourth test match.  Whilst there have been mutterings in the past, and fairly recently too of things untoward, indeed the Sydney test between Australia and Pakistan earlier this year had been deemed to whiff a little of Grimsby, never had there been such immediate reportage of an incident of this nature.  It took years for the seeds sown by Hansie Cronje to germinate and take flower.

Cricket is a game I love.  As a friend of mine once said, “life can only be improved by cricket”.  It has a timeless nature, and regardless of how many cold, grey, damp and windswept days I’ve spent playing the game, it always evokes memories of warm sunshine, lush green grass and time passing slowly.  There is no better way to pass a day than sitting watching a match live, be it international, county or East of Scotland league.  Hence my current pastime of sitting in a scorebox, I may have stopped playing, but I still feel the need to be involved.

What angered me most about this ‘event’, is that once again a sport I love is sullied.  I’m a bit of an omnivore when it comes to sport, I don’t believe a person can only be a fan of one sport, and certainly don’t subscribe to the Murdochian view that football is the beginning, middle and end of sport.  I’ve lived and cringed through Ben Johnson, through the Festina affair, Lance Armstrong, “Fraud” Landis and Operation Puerta right up to “bloodgate” and the various troubles that have beset the sport of kings of late.  Each one  a knife to the guts of a sports fan cursed with an interest in “minority sports”, that catch all term used to deride anything that isn’t football and only crosses the radar of non fans when something bad happens.

I’m not naive, I know betting takes place, hell I place a few cricket bets myself via http://www.cricketbetlive.com and, I’m not ashamed to admit, one of my first thoughts was as to whether or not my potential winning bet would be paid out in the light of the events unfolding, it wasn’t on no-balls and it was paid out!  Betting will always happen, it seems to be part of the human psyche that whenever two raindrops run down a pane of glass, someone will bet on which one will reach the bottom first.

All that can be done, is to punish any players involved in draconian fashion, life bans being one option.  In this I mean a life ban, not the Pakistan Cricket Board version of a life ban, which usually extends only as long as the PCB feel the team can go on losing without the banned player….generally a couple of matches.  Heavy fines, and start by confiscating any money paid to them in order to carry out whatever action is being bet on.

At Lords it was only a couple of no-balls, but so amateurishly done that antennae started twitching automatically.  But, this would be only the thin end of the wedge.  Once a player is in someones control, the deeds can be upped, and if the suspicions of throwing the aforementioned Sydney test are correct, that just serves to show how far this can go.  Sadly, the players of the Asian teams appear to be most at risk from these nefarious types, in part because of the financial situation (players in England, India and Australia tend to be well paid at the higher levels and thus somewhat immunised), and in part because Pakistan in particular is an unstable and volatile country where sourcing weapons and men versed in using them is a little easier than elsewhere, thus giving the fraudsters a stick with which to back up the carrot when approaching a player.

I also wonder about the News of The World.  Whenever something like this breaks, it’s always the News of The World doing it.  Sven Goran Ericksson, the Fake Sheikh, Laurence Dallaglio…there’s a long list of exposes they have broken, usually involving large sums of money.  In their zeal to get a story, are they inadvertantly, or even advertantly, creating one?  Sometimes, much as when the boy cried “wolf!”, I’m never sure.


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Feed me Seymour…

…or Twitter at any rate. Just playing with TwitterFeed, trying to see if it links properly to here….

Ooh, *titter* this BATE Borisov team have a player called Shitov….haha…

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F***ing In Rhythm and Sorrow

Swearing.  Apparently it’s neither big, nor clever.  What it is, it seems, is a damn good excuse for a whining session designed to bemoan the end decline in “British standards”, the end of empire and general signal that Messrs. War, Famine, Pestilence and Death are abroad.

Stepping up to the plate in defence of all that is sacred to heart of Mr Churchill, Henry V and Sir Francis Drake is invariably the Daily Fail and their blood vendetta against the foul hand of leftie pinko communism that is The BBC.

It was the Mail who led the charge of the indignant during Sachsgate last year.  Whipping a storm of indifference into a feeding frenzy weeks after the fact.  They followed this up by manufacturing outrage at the Question Time appearance of Thicky Griffin and the supposedly controversial memo.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/mediamonkeyblog/2009/oct/26/question-time-daily-mail-nick-griffin.  They have however outdone themselves this time.

Sunday afternoon, BBC1.  The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has just been completed.  The cameras follow the top three finishers into the small ante-room they use to towel off, pull on a sponsors cap and relax before heading out to the podium for the presentations.  During this segment, snippets of a conversation between two of the drivers can be heard.  It’s quite interesting; in that normally we get the well rehearsed “on message” speak of sports stars.  This was more akin to a couple of mates chewing the fat, talking about what had been a very tight bit of racing between the two over the last couple of laps.  During this, one of the protagonists dropped the F-word.

Now, everyone knows swear words, everyone has used swear words.  We all try to prevent our kids from using them, but we know it’s futile.  We also know that on occasion they can be blurted out without thinking.

Cue the Daily Fail taking up the cudgels once more and swinging them in the general direction of the BBC.  It’s an action almost as preposterous as the Daily Express and their “Diana Monday” front pages.

By the time I’d realized he’d said it, three or four further sentences had been said.  I’d guess that large numbers of people watching didn’t register the “fuck”.

Whilst the pictures were shown on the BBC, it wasn’t a BBC camera crew and it wasn’t a BBC production team responsible.  Formula One have their own in house TV production who generate all the images etc used in coverage of the races.  The only bits the BBC control are those where the BBC presenting team is on camera.

Jenson Button is the person who swore.  This wasn’t the Sex Pistols and Mr. Grundy.  It was one word, not a string of them, and not all that audible really.

The Daily Mail.  What a bunch of fucking tossers.



As has been written in the past, I’m a member of a cricket club.  Not a particularly big time cricket club.  Our first team plays in the third tier of Scottish Cricket.  Our second and third teams play in the Eastern District Leagues, in the second and seventh divisions respectively.

Like all clubs of our stature we have expenditures to meet.  We rely on subscriptions and sponsorships to meet some of those costs.  We also rely on fundraising.  Unlike many of our contempories we don’t own the pavilion facilities and therefore we don’t get any income from bar takings, a potentially large source of funds for any club.  To this end, our own fundraising efforts are key to the survival of the club.

Sadly fundraising events require a membership that gets off its collective arse and either volunteer to help out or gets involved.  That’s where we fall down.

This weekend Parent Association for the school my kids attend have organized to do a sponsored circuit of the Aerial Assault course here:


They originally booked a two-hour slot.  This would be enough for 40 people to get round.  Currently the school has around 20 people down to do it.  Seeing an opportunity, and knowing the organizer, I arranged to take 10 of the spaces for the club.

Despite a couple of appeals for emails round the club, a players meeting (admittedly cancelled on the day – no-one told me) and an email sent personally by me, we have a grand total of 3 people willing to do this.

Presumably, when the club goes to the wall, the ones who couldn’t be arsed to get involved will be the ones moaning loudest and longest about the demise of ‘their’ club.


So, the big story of the weekend? Afghanistan?  Iraq?  Elections in the USA?  Nope.

Stephen Fry having a hissy fit?  You got it.

It seems Mr Fry, not normally known for diva like antics took exception to someone on Twitter describing his musings as “boring”.  Well, boo-hoo.  Cue ‘hurt’ responses claiming he was leaving Twitter, followed by a frenzy of followers giving him “hugs” and “cuddles” to get him to stay.  Couldn’t he have just ignored the fella?  Blocked him?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Mr. Fry, for a man so much more talented, witty and intelligent than a mere mortal, he’s very down to earth and seemingly genuine.  He’s pretty much a national treasure, and not really given to outbreaks of “lost in showbiz”.  He’s also I would say for many people, the “acceptable face” of gay.

He doesn’t wear his sexuality as some sort of badge of honour.  He’s not in your face about it at all, none of that, “look at me, I’m gay, isn’t it faaaabuuulous!”  Compare him to the likes of Dale Winton, Graham Norton, George Michael, Julian Clary or Ainsley Harriot.  Each of them is camper than a Winnebago convention.  They all appear to be competing to be the most flamboyant, conforming to the worst kind of stereotype.

This “story” seemed to be a big issue with weekend news bulletins, achieving a prominence wholly at odds with its importance.  Celebrity has argument with pleb, sulks!  It was the third top story on the BBC News website at one point.  Of course there was the follow up story the next day.  Celebrity grows up, remains on Twitter, world saved!

Who says the UK media has become a celebrity-obsessed trash-fest?  Use of the word celebrity is to massively over-rate many of the people being photographed or written about.  Never mind A-List and all that.  For these reality show rejects grimly whapping out their breasts for the paparazzi a whole new alphabet is required, although given the surgical enhancements they all seem to get maybe DD list is the answer.

I fear for the future of this country given the numbers of Sun reading, X-Factor auditioning, WAG wannabe, make me a footballer youth out there.  The entitled generation is upon us.  God help us all.



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Playing Favourites

It’s Friday, time for more Twitter Favourites:

amy_wrightGonna have such a fun time at recorder club this afternoon! 😀

coxy99I have my period and thrush at the same time..how cruel!!

Jason_ManfordAltho try not to swear! She’s Hannah Montana! “if you need cheering up Miley, try a holiday in Blackpool, it’s like Vegas apart from…”

Karen230683Why r both my brothers blonde so unfair their hair is going nice and light in the sun 😦

KirstieMAllsoppJust been told I can’t say “for god’s sake!” or “Christ almighty” on TV (& it’s channel 4!!) I am so sick of compliance I cld scream Aah!

marginatasnaily@Jimmy_Poodle the house – your wit – the ghost- your un-masculine view of automobiles – the accent – what are you trying to DO to me here? x

NettofabulousThe full version of Rapper’s Delight is pointless as anything other than an exercise in auditory stamina.

There ya go, the best of the best of this week’s twits.  Go see them, you’ll love them all as much as I do.

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People, people who need people

Twitter.  It has it’s plusses, it has it’s minuses, and one of those many minuses is #followfriday.  The “tradition” whereby you are supposed to reccommend a user to other users.  But, in just a short space of time it’s become a sort of daisy chain of mutual backslapping and ass kissing.  So, taking my cue from another twitter user, I started to compile a list of my favourite tweets, with a view to adding them here as a weekly listing.  Sadly I forgot to do it for large chunks of time, but, here’s the first list.  It’s short.  Both because I’m lazy and I forgot, but also because I have standards, so you have to be amngst the elite to make the list…..or offer me favours 😉

So without further ado:

nik_kee_deeRT @Angpang: Want to avoid the bollocks-fest that #followfriday has become? Use Favourites, as explained here: http://angelarambleson.blogspot.com/

quantick #smallambitions Obscurity! I want to live til Tuesday! I want to walk on the ground! Low! Remember remember remember parts of my name!

SarahMag80Right I need tea… and cake but its probably best I just have tea x

VioletsCRUKGood morning! ( as she puts on dark glasses and puts her dressing gown hood over her head) Think i overdid the wine last night! :-s lol

and a special shout out to:

Heidi_rangeHi there, watched Changeling last night and loved it, didn’t expect it to be so dark though! x

I loved that one because, well, let’s see.  Changeling, a film about a woman who spends years trying to find her missing son, time in a mental instituion for pointing out the child the police returned to her, wasn’t actually hers and so on.  And Ms Range, god bless her, didn’t expect it to be dark!?!?!?

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The loneliness of the middle aged stripper

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I ended up reading this52?!?!?!?!  Unless Ohio is populated entirely by Wayne Rooney, what the heck kind of titty bars are they running over there.   I mean, no disrespect, and I’ve seen some fine looking women in their 50’s, but only bad things happen when they disrobe.  The suspect was at least a spring chicken in her 40’s…..I guess this place catered to a niche market, I know all strippers can’t be like Salma Hayek in “Dogma”, (actually no strippers are that good) but surely there should be some standards……oh well, it’s not like I’ll be visiting any of those establishments in the Buckeye State anytime soon.


So Saturday so the mighty RHC 3’s shake of the winter rust with our first (only) preseason game, a visit to Murrayfield.  Wasn’t a bad effort, we were typically poor in he field, miserly with the ball and ham fisted with the bat.   But we won, thanks in part to yours truly holding his end up (ooer) for 40 minutes.  Took 2 for 24 off 7 overs as we held them to 85 all out.  Chased it down for 9 wickets, with me making a valiant 3 no out.   A minor triumph.  League season starts in two weeks…..


OK, so, when is it going to be safe to turn on the TV/Radio or open a newspaper again?  Is there nothing else in the world going on but Susan Boyle?  She seems nice enough, and she lives not far from me, but, just because she looks like someones eccentric aunt, it’s not exactly shocking that she can sing is it?  She’s not going to change the world, end wolrd poverty, hunger and recession is she?  Maybe she is, maybe she’ll get together with Obama and sing the world back to health….please, let the woman be….and give me some f’ing sanity.


I’m off, got dishes to do….and with a bit of luck I may get to sleep without dreaming of Ken Stott in a toga……

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