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Playing Favourites

It’s Friday, time for more Twitter Favourites:

amy_wrightGonna have such a fun time at recorder club this afternoon! 😀

coxy99I have my period and thrush at the same time..how cruel!!

Jason_ManfordAltho try not to swear! She’s Hannah Montana! “if you need cheering up Miley, try a holiday in Blackpool, it’s like Vegas apart from…”

Karen230683Why r both my brothers blonde so unfair their hair is going nice and light in the sun 😦

KirstieMAllsoppJust been told I can’t say “for god’s sake!” or “Christ almighty” on TV (& it’s channel 4!!) I am so sick of compliance I cld scream Aah!

marginatasnaily@Jimmy_Poodle the house – your wit – the ghost- your un-masculine view of automobiles – the accent – what are you trying to DO to me here? x

NettofabulousThe full version of Rapper’s Delight is pointless as anything other than an exercise in auditory stamina.

There ya go, the best of the best of this week’s twits.  Go see them, you’ll love them all as much as I do.


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People, people who need people

Twitter.  It has it’s plusses, it has it’s minuses, and one of those many minuses is #followfriday.  The “tradition” whereby you are supposed to reccommend a user to other users.  But, in just a short space of time it’s become a sort of daisy chain of mutual backslapping and ass kissing.  So, taking my cue from another twitter user, I started to compile a list of my favourite tweets, with a view to adding them here as a weekly listing.  Sadly I forgot to do it for large chunks of time, but, here’s the first list.  It’s short.  Both because I’m lazy and I forgot, but also because I have standards, so you have to be amngst the elite to make the list…..or offer me favours 😉

So without further ado:

nik_kee_deeRT @Angpang: Want to avoid the bollocks-fest that #followfriday has become? Use Favourites, as explained here: http://angelarambleson.blogspot.com/

quantick #smallambitions Obscurity! I want to live til Tuesday! I want to walk on the ground! Low! Remember remember remember parts of my name!

SarahMag80Right I need tea… and cake but its probably best I just have tea x

VioletsCRUKGood morning! ( as she puts on dark glasses and puts her dressing gown hood over her head) Think i overdid the wine last night! :-s lol

and a special shout out to:

Heidi_rangeHi there, watched Changeling last night and loved it, didn’t expect it to be so dark though! x

I loved that one because, well, let’s see.  Changeling, a film about a woman who spends years trying to find her missing son, time in a mental instituion for pointing out the child the police returned to her, wasn’t actually hers and so on.  And Ms Range, god bless her, didn’t expect it to be dark!?!?!?

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